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The Biggest Winner: How to Win by Losing - The Complete Body Workout (Shape Up: Front / Shape Up: Back / Cardio Kickbox / Maximize: Full Frontal / Maximize: Back in Action)
Product Type: DVD
List Price: $ 29.95
Amazon's Price: $ 47.94

Shrink Your Female Fat Zones
Product Type: DVD
Amazon's Price: $ 8.06
You Save: $ 6.92

ASIN: B000002JBO
Work Out: Over 60 Minutes of Mixed Dance Music
Product Type: Music
Amazon's Price: $ 7.85

Men's Health Home Workout Bible:
Product Type: Book
Amazon's Price: $ 6.99
You Save: $ 12.96

ASIN: B000BQ7J70
The Biggest Loser The Workout
Product Type: DVD
Amazon's Price: $ 8.89

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